The human ear

The human ear has become «more sensitive» and it reacts negatively to reverberations and other disturbing acoustic effects.
Our modern society is highly sensitised to sounds, special tones and noises: the human ear has become «more sensitive» and it reacts negatively to reverberations and other disturbing acoustic effects. This is why more attention is currently being paid to acoustic requirements. Increasing numbers of studies about concentration problems and noise-induced stress (in schools and offices, etc.) prove that poor room acoustics are unhealthy in the long term, and they can lead to physical and psychological disorders and damage.

Concert halls, auditoriums, lecture theatres and other large open-plan areas are not the only locations where room acoustics have to meet exacting requirements nowadays. More and more frequently, acoustic issues are also to the fore when it comes to the construction of industrial and office buildings, as well as residential accommodation. The same issues arise in many building renovation or refurbishment projects (such as balcony undersides).

Acoustic in the room

Sound absorption in buildings to meet the highest standards. The S.A.C. acoustic system delivers technical Solutions for all vertical and horizontal surfaces, regardless of whether they are flat, rounded or curved. The Focus is always on the benefit for each and every person involved.

The system concept

The basic components consist of our specially structured s.a.c. suono acoustic panels with their unique acoustic characteristics. They can be bonded to prepared surfaces – concrete or dry (mortarless) ceiling and wall structures. The acoustic coatings (s.a.c. basic+, topcoat or climate) are then applied mechanically or by hand to these acoustic panels. The result is always a homogeneous surface.

This process highlights the benefit of the S.A.C. acoustic system: there is no need to expend time and effort on levelling joints or other irregularities, so processing is substantially faster.

How is the S.A.C. acoustic system able to deliver such excellent performance characteristics? Because the special topcoats absorb all low sounds (long sound waves), while the acoustic panels absorb all medium- and high-frequency sounds.


The elegance of the surface

The S.A.C. acoustic system creates a superb visual impact thanks to it homogeneous, jointless surface structure. Depending on the requirements and type of use, s.a.c. basic+ or our exclusive fine-grade s.a.c. topcoat will be advisable.

The environment, safety and sustainability

The S.A.C. acoustic system consists largely of natural recycled mineral raw materials and solvent-free coatings that protect the environment and are non-flammable (flammable material class A1).

Save and LEED-certified

To ensure that the quality of air in the premises is healthy, all S.A.C. system products are produced without VOCs or formaldehyde, and they are tested according to the recognised standards for Europe and the US. This is an important and valuable feature of the S.A.C. acoustic system because it allows construction in compliance with the full scope of the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) programme of standards.

Protection from water and dirt

The topcoats in the S.A.C. acoustic system also contain a special water-repellent component that protects the entire system against penetration by water and dirt. This ensures that the system’s acoustic properties are retained over the long term. Depending on the specific project, all the topcoats can be treated with a nanotechnology-based process to maximise the efficiency of the surface protection.