Direct glued acoustic system

The Yellow Line system can be mounted directly on ceilings and walls with no need for a substructure. The mineral-fibre acoustic panels deliver a system solution with maximum sound absorption. Minimal overall height and flexible application options make Yellow Line the ideal solution for a wide range of design options. This system is also an excellent choice for rounded and curved surfaces.

  1. – Substrate
  2. – Adhesive mortar
  3. – s.a.c. suono Akustik Panel
  4. – s.a.c. basic layer
  5. – s.a.c. topcoat layer


Suspended acoustic ceiling system

The Grey Line system is designed for rooms where there is a suspended ceiling structure with a cavity. The sound-absorbing mineral panel is fixed directly onto the substructure. Groove-and-ridge joints between individual panels ensure a flat, uniform surface – so the result is perfect every time. The benefit: active acoustics can be integrated into room designs with suspended ceilings – and there is no need for additional structures.

  1. – Ceiling substructure
  2. – AMF silent panels
  3. – s.a.c. basic Base coat
  4. – s.a.c. topcoat Final coat

Blue Line

Climate System

The Blue Line is appropriate for coolling ceilings as well as heated ceiling systems thanks to the graphite induced acoustic panel.


  • coming soon